About Us

When we were children we loved hanging around the adults and listening to them tell stories. Our parents and grandparents would regularly tell us about parts of their lives that always left us wanting more. In our minds these people were mythical figures with experiences that just couldn’t be real. Tales about being lost at sea, being attacked by a panther, love sagas that were just like the movies, and accounts of trips taken to far away places with buildings fit for kings and queens. So as we grew up we often asked ourselves a simple question during our decision making process, “what kind of story will this make?” We have incorporated that ethos into who we are as brothers, husbands, fathers, friends, and overall as humans.

What stories will we have, and how will we tell them?

The Dispatch Co. aims to help our customers remember and add to the stories that they encounter in life. Our motto is to "live wilder," simply meaning to just add a little more adventure and exploration to every day. We make park pieces that can be taken wherever life brings you. The designs are our attempt to materialize the feelings fashioned by those moments where life was truly lived. Our goal is to embody those feelings of adventure, thrills, family, exploration, and happiness into a patch or piece of apparel that can then be dispatched out into the world; little mementos of those enchanting occasions. Hopefully, leading to more stories and tales that future generations will want to hear.